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Celebrating 4 Years of Laurence Holdings Group

On June 26, 2021, Mr. Laurence Yang, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Laurence Holdings Group Limited, hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the company's 4-year anniversary, attended by the company's senior executives, directors, investors and partners.

The company's partner and director from Beijing to Dallas also joined the team via video.

Mr. Laurence Yang giving a welcome speech to guests

Mr. Laurence Yang (left) with Mr. Gabriel Tarabay (right)

Mr. Laurence Yang (right) with Mr. Sean Burton (left)

Joined on video by Mrs. Doreen Motsi, the company's Independent Director.

Video message from Mr. Jeff Xu, the company's Partner and Chief China Strategist

Mr. Laurence Yang introducing the 3 new members to the company and the board to guests

Mr. Gabriel Tarabay speaking to guests

Mr. Sean Burton speaking to guests

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