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Technology & Portfolio Management


LHG's unwavering commitment to a strong IT infrastructure is best exemplified by the development of our in-house Portfolio Management System (PMS).



Portfolio Management System

LHG's in-house Portfolio Management System (PMS) automatically transfers trade orders from our flagship LHG Premium Investments Fund to all Separately Management Account (SMA) clients' brokerage accounts within 1 second.

How It Works

Flagship Fund


Portfolio Manager

Buys 100 E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES) for the Flagship Fund


Investor 1

(€50M Account)

Automatically buys 10 ES

Investor 2

(€5M Account with 200% volatility)

Automatically buys 2 ES

Investor 3

(€100M Account)

Automatically buys 20 ES

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