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Technology & Portfolio Management


LHG is committed to creating and delivering innovative investment solutions that safely compound investor capital, which is best exemplified by the development of our in-house Portfolio Management System (PMS).



Portfolio Management System

LHG's Separately Managed Account (SMA) products trade on a pari passu basis with the flagship LHG Premium Investments Fund, thanks to our proprietary portfolio management technology, which automatically transfers trade orders from the Fund to all SMA clients' brokerage accounts within a second.

How It Works

Flagship Fund


Portfolio Manager

Buys 100 E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES) for the Fund


Investor 1

(€50M Account)

Automatically buys 10 ES

Investor 2

(€5M Account with 200% volatility)

Automatically buys 2 ES

Investor 3

(€100M Account)

Automatically buys 20 ES



Managed Accounts: The Benefits


Transparency • Flexibility • Control • Tax

  • Separate brokerage account with the client having direct ownership of the assets held in the account

  • Substantially lower minimum investments compared to commingled funds due to technology & automation

  • Accounts can be adjusted for higher/lower volatility

  • Notional funding available for certain qualified sophisticated investors*

  • Elimination of “adjacency risk”

  • SMAs allow investors to offset capital losses against capital gains by using individual securities within the account

*subject to LHG management team's acceptance

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