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Mr. Laurence Yang Spoke at "Awesome Investments For Troubled Times" Seminar

On Saturday February 27th, 2021, Mr. Laurence Yang, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Laurence Holdings Group Limited, spoke at investment seminar "Awesome Investments For Troubled Times".


"In these days of low deposit rates, it will surprise you to learn that there are some amazing opportunities out there that will give you very satisfying returns on your funds invested. You just have to know where to look. This seminar pulls together a highly respected group of experts in their particular field, who will open your eyes to solid investment options you may never heard of, or perhaps never seriously considered. With the recent crash in Reserve Bank cash rates from 0.25% to 0.10%, this seminar will be a must attend for SMSF trustees, investment fund managers, or anyone seeking an improved return on their savings."

- Keith Gustavsson, Managing Director of Business House Australia

Mr. Laurence Yang's Speech

Mr. Laurence Yang introducing the company to audiences at the beginning of the speech

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