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From managing a single fund out of a two-bedroom apartment, LHG has progressed into a global firm with five offices across three continents, offering a focused product suite centered on the same rigorous approach.

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LHG's Story



LHG Capital Management was initially founded as "Laurence Holdings Group" in 2017 by Laurence Yang to hold the management shares of Premium Investments Fund, the firm's longest-running flagship global macro fund. Mr. Yang launched the Fund in November 2017 with only two outside investors and €15.5M under management. In 2018, LHG opened to external investments from qualified corporate, family office and HNW/UHNW clients.


In 2022, Laurence Holdings Group officially changed its name to LHG Capital Management and renamed its flagship fund to LHG Premium Investments Fund.


LHG's logo is comprised of three compasses. Compasses always point north, a direction that symbolizes progress and advancement. Apart from this, compasses also symbolize guidance, conviction, balance and a smooth journey. ​


LHG aims to be the compass for our capital partners across bull, bear and sideways markets.

LHG Today



         A Global Perspective

Today, our diverse array of ​investors ranges from some of the largest single-family offices in Europe, to Fortune Global 500 corporations in the Greater China region, to oil & gas companies in the Middle East, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in Australia, which gives us a global perspective in managing investors' capital.


With senior advisors and analysts across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we are also able to identify opportunities with a global perspective. We pursue new opportunities rigorously within a mature and robust risk management framework, while seeking to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns to our investors. ​

       A Modernized Approach


LHG has a proven track record of generating superior risk-adjusted returns across market cycles, driven by our multi-process investment approach that combines traditional macro fundamental and relative value analysis with modern-day quantitative analysis powered by supercomputers, machine learning, and big data.

LHG's Key Strength

Exceptional People

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Comprehensive Risk Management Framework

Who We Serve

Office Building

Corporations & Consortiums


Private Banks

Palace Hall

Family Offices &
Holding Companies


High Net Worth & Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

        Mission & Principles


LHG is an alternative investment manager focused exclusively on global macro. Our mission has remained constant since the day the firm was founded: to be a leader in global macro investment strategies by delivering the hedge fund industry’s highest quality risk-adjusted returns to our investors, and to maintain a commitment to our principles of discipline, excellence, transparency and integrity.



Managing risk is at the core of what we do. We take a measured and thoughtful approach across our investment and operational activities, pursuing new opportunities diligently, systematically, with a focus on maintaining a standard of excellence.



We strive for excellence by constantly evolving while holding ourselves and our partners to the highest standards. Financial markets are dynamic, we believe in continuously optimizing both our investment and operational systems and processes, which is key to maintaining excellent risk-adjusted returns over the long run.



We communicate in a clear and transparent way both internally and externally. Our open and collaborative culture has been a driving force in forging long-standing partnerships with our clients.



We operate with clear purposes, endeavoring to maintain alignment with our investors and working with the expectation that our people will conduct themselves with professionalism and respect for our core values.

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