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Investment Approach


LHG's approach to global macro investing is guided by the firm's six core philosophies, which have remained unchanged since our founding in 2017.

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(Financial instruments traded by LHG, covering a broad range of geographies and asset classes.)

          Global Perspective, Modernized Approach. 

Global Perspective: With senior advisors and analysts across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we are able to identify opportunities with a global perspective. 

Modernized Approach: To consistently generate alpha in the 21st century, LHG follows a proprietary quantamental (quantitative + fundamental) research & investment process - we harness the scale and power of big data and blend it with the benefits of human insight.

          Solid Risk Management

Managing risk is at the core of what we do. A guiding principle in our approach is that risk and portfolio management are not separated: every one of our traders is also a risk manager. We continually re-evaluate our portfolios in pursuit of the strongest risk/reward opportunities.


LHG believes that specialization is the surest path to achieve the outcomes that we and our clients desire. Accordingly, we have established all of our investment strategies and products to revolve around one goal - master the art of quantamental macro investing - and do it as well as it can be done without deviation.

          Market Correlations

We live in a globalized world where countries and economies are more interconnected than ever. Consequently, it has also become more important than ever to look at global markets holistically in order to effectively manage investment and trading risks.

Our global team of analysts and senior advisors analyze, compare and correlate over 100 different instruments across 6 asset classes on a daily basis.

          Trade Implementation & Opportunistic Diversification

We believe the implementation of a trade idea is more important than the trade itself. We constantly seek to execute our trade ideas through instruments with the best asymatrical risk/reward profiles, while opportunistically diversify our portfolios across different asset classes, currencies and geographies.

            Market Liquidity is Important

To effectively implement our investment and risk management strategies, we only trade financial instruments with ample liquidity to avoid or minimize slippages, as well as to reduce gap risks.

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