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Wind Turbines

Positive Impact Beyond Returns


As one of the firm's core strategic priorities, LHG and our capital partners seek to construct investment portfolios that will achieve financial returns while maintaining positive environmental and social impacts. We aim to realize both goals within our global multi-asset investment portfolios.

ESG Policies


We actively incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into our investment decision-making process, without jeopardizing our pursuit of excellent risk-adjusted returns.

In 2021, the board of LHG appointed a designated independent director as the company's Equality & Diversity advisor: Doreen Motsi. Additionally, our Managing Director, Jürg Kropf, also serves as the company's Global Head of ESG.

Blue Planet Mag.png

(Mr. Laurence Yang attending the publishing conference of "The Blue Planet Magazine".)

        Environmental & Sustainability Initiatives

  • Minimization of paper usage: over 95% of our materials are distributed electronically;

  • Actively reducing carbon footprint;

  • In-office recycling facilities;

  • Energy saving initiatives;

  • Ban on single-use plastics across our global offices.

        Social Responsibility

  • Diversity and inclusion: LHG is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on gender identity, race, country of origin, sexual orientation and religion;

  • Supporting independent musicians across Europe through our annual private classical music performance for our Europe-domiciled clients;

  • A fixed percentage of our profits are spent on supporting a broad array of charitable causes every year around the globe: from child education sponsorships to poverty alleviation to sustainable development research & innovation. Please contact your nearest office to find out the causes we are supporting in your home country.

        Corporate Governance

  • LHG is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, and we have developed a Code of Ethics that outlines the standards of professional conduct that all employees must adhere to;

  • The Code of Ethics makes a commitment to act ethically and with integrity, act in the best interests of clients while managing and disclosing conflicts of interest;

  • Appointment of a designated independent director as advisor for equality and diversity;

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence & AML processes in place while complying with all applicable international sanctions.

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